Science Village Scandinavia

Location: Lund, Sweden

Client: Science Village Scandinavia AB

Program: Strategy and development plan

Size: 30 ha

Status: 1st prize in competition 2012, local planning ongoing

Collaborators: Rambøll

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Vanessa Miriam Carlow, Mads Birgens Kristensen, Eik Bjerregaard, Lasse Grønnerup Johannesen, Tobias Mürsch, Rune Boserup, Nina Mathiesen, Johanne Holmsberg, Agnieszka Krasuska, Michal Kniaz, Jonas Nordgren, Navid Christensen, Mark Aron Thomsen

The project for Science Village Scandinavia (SVS) is based on a large scale urban strategy for the City of Lund and Lund University to co-develop with one another through a knowledge axis. This knowledge axis connects the historic centre and university areas with the new urban development area at SVS. The large scale connection of the two overlaps with a green corridor, linking in the science institutions MAX IV and ESS through the central node of SVS, while framing a focal point for the entire area. SVS is furthermore developed within a dynamic framework of an ‘energy landscape’, working as a green test field and spatial element of the urban development.