Quartier Elbbrücken

Location: Hamburg

Client: HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Program: Masterplan

Size: 6 ha

Status: Finalist

Collaborators:Transsolar, Manmadeland, Ingenieurbüro Kraft, ARUP Berlin

Team: Vanessa Miriam Carlow with Sigurd Larsen, Ines Dobosic, Cristina Zlota, Anna Plückbaum, Dušan Tasić, Konuk Kim, Friedemann Hack, Hanna Albrecht, Malte Schoemaker, Tim Linstedt

Hafencity Hamburg is the largest urban development area in the north of Germany. Elbbrückenquartier thereby forms the apex. Marked by heavy noise emissions – from both the harbor and the bridges – special requirements to protect the housing and public spaces must be taken. On the other hand, the proposal provides ample opportunities to interact with the water.