Porsgrunn Maritime Museum

Location: Porsgrunn Norway

Client: Telemark Museum

Program: Maritime Museum and Science Center

Size: 1,700 m²

Status: 1st prize in competition 2009, completion 2013

Collaborators: TRANSFORM, Sweco

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Thomas Krarup, Eik Bjerregaard, Stine Lund Hansen, Tabea Treier, Charlotte Lieske, David Engell Jessen

The city of Porsgrunn has a long maritime history of shipping and the unique development of the region is clearly visible in the existing building structure. The concept of the museum shows a high level of sensitivity towards the existing historical context, yet simultaneously standing out as a contemporary public building; the housing of a science center. Taking into account the surrounding building structure, the museum is composed of downscaled volumes with tilted roofs that are assembled into a larger building unit. A charismatic aluminum façade outlines the shape of the building composition.