Maison des Danses

Location: Bordeaux, FR

Client: Municipality of Bordeaux

Program: House for Dance, Mediathek, Library, Caféteria

Size: 1.500 m2 Status: 1st prize in competition 2012, completion 2015

Collaborators: Sadaa, Ingecobat, D’Abilly

Team: Vanessa Miriam Carlow, Sigurd Larsen, Thomas Werner, Jana Gutge, Angelica Verdini, Brett Gustafsson

The Maison des Danse is conceived as a solitaire building. With the most compact possible volume an ideal square emerges in plan. As a compact building, the Maison des Danse is composed to fill out a condensed part of the plot clearly marking and defining the urban space around it. At all four sites of the otherwise straight facade, rounded inversions mark entries/exits, and protected outdoor spaces. This generates the effect of an architecture and urban space that can be understood and used intuitively, and that translates movement – the very essence of dance - into an elegant physical form.