Katharina von Bora Straße

Location: Munich

Client: Stadtwerke München GmbH

Program: Housing, Social Housing

Size: 10.500 m2

Status: Honourable Mention

Collaborators: Man Made Land, Büro Happold, Marc Feustel

Team: Vanessa Miriam Carlow and Sigurd Larsen with Jonas Klock, Frieder Plümel, Daniel Vedder

The front facade of the apartment building works as an entrance space for the new community. From here you enter the staircases and have direct access to the ground- and first floor apartments. This front yard is designed to be accessible to all neighbours in the area and is connected to the green inner courtyard.

Every apartment has the opportunity to create a living room with open kitchen that faces both the light from the Southwest and the view to the Northeast. Through a shift in the façade between each floor every apartment is given a balcony as well as a bay window to both sides. Diversity in the community is ensured through a mix of sizes and typologies.