Israel's Square

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: City of Copenhagen

Program: Renovation of Israel's Square

Size: 8.400 m2

Status: 1st prize in competition 2008, construction start 2013, completion 2014

Collaborators: Birk Nielsen, Niras, professor Morten Stræde

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Caroline Nagel, Morten Emil Engel, Therese Wallstrøm, Jens Wagner, Tobias Mürsch 

The new Israel's Square consists of a folded surface floating above the ground - like a flying carpet. The square, or surface, hovers between two worlds: the city and the neighboring Ørsted Parken. The park wanders into the square as a series of cut-outs on this surface, and folds are placed towards east and west to create sitting areas. Different features and facilities are created on the surface, inviting visitors to stay. For example, niches with bench formations under the tree crowns, a lowered green playground area close to N. Zahle's School, areas for ball games and play and a trickling waterfall.