City between Forest and Ocean

Location: Dakar

Program: Masterplan

Size: 128 ha

Status: commissioned in 2014, in progress

Collaborators: IQ, MIC Mobility in Chain, Transsolar, Gesswein Landschaftsarchitektur, Ingenieurbüro Kraft, Institute for Sustainable Urbanism

Team: Vanessa Miriam Carlow with Sigurd Larsen, Jana Gutge, Ruben Andersen, Cristina Zlota, Tenesha Caton, Yeon Wha Hong, Alex Klüfers, Martina Camarri, Daniel Cabrera Santana, Mari Proll Lien, Dung Vu Thi

125.000 homes will be built in and around Dakar in the near future. With average household sizes of six to eight people, this means that a city of up to one million people will emerge. This new city presents huge opportunities to further the wellbeing of its citizens, and the development of the greater Dakar region as a whole. We believe this city should be set between the forest and the ocean. We believe it could be the most sustainable city in Africa!